How to use this course

You can either go through all the course material in sequence using the <> keys at the top of the screen or navigate using the menu on the left but be sure you don't miss important information, especially safety. Each section has a 'Read This' section, where needed, which highlights any special warnings or updates.

The content of the original DVDs is the first video lesson of each section, with a transcript directly below. If you understand the video, you can skip the transcript.

My knowledge and skills have progressed since the original material was mainly shot in 2010 and some is even older. Consequently, I have added extra material in each section in the form of articles, videos and links to update and expand the content. More content will be added regularly and some original content will be replaced entirely soon. The latest addition is a long-overdue new 2-rope gote tutorial. I have left the original up as it serves to highlight the differences.

Please feel free to ask questions, make comments or suggestions in the Discussion Area.

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