Tengu Shibari

The tengu (天狗) are often depicted as birdlike creatures. They are known as shape shifters and strong martial artists. A number of centuries-old sword school founders claim to have been trained and taught by the tengu.

The tengu shibari tie is restraining the arms individually with the palms exposed outward in the ultimate surrender pose. For a samurai to be tied in this position is extremely humiliating.

There is more than one way to accomplish a tengu tie. In this workshop a one-rope version is taught.


Ebi Shibari

In Osada-ryu we distinguish between two main approaches: torture position and graceful position.

Being left alone in the "graceful" position allows the ukete-san (受け手さん) to reflect upon themself and achieve a meditative state. Being left in peace for a reasonable amount of time (between 5 and 10 minutes) can be quite a cathartic experience. The rigger should allow for a reasonable proximity (ma-ai, 間合い) to leave the rope partner free of external interference. The rigger should provide protection while “watching over” the rope partner quietly and calmly.

Provide empathy and observe your rope partner well.

Kyuukon Shibari

(Marriage Proposal, 求婚縛り)

In the vanilla world, one proposes with a precious engagement ring, having lost plenty of sleep the night before. Consequently, you will be mightily nervous. Will you be able to tie the knot? Your happiness is on the line.

It is recommended that you make yourself small and humble and genuinely beg for the hand of your significant other.

From the bottom of your heart.

Tying the Knot

Engage in a deeply emotional connection.


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