Feeling & flow

Tying examples

Osada ryu 2 & 3-rope takate-kote

The classic Osada ryu 2 & 3-rope takate-kote by Yuginawa Max, official Osada ryu teacher. Watch his flow and handling. The technique doesn't get more authentic than this, unless Osada Steve is tying it himself.

Tying a gote (takate-kote, TK, box-tie): Feeling & flow

These videos demonstrate me tying the gote with feeling and flow. As you can see, it far from a mechanical exercise. Constant practice and honing of your technique is the only way to tie like this. Practice until you forget how you do it! This stage is what I call 'muscle memory', when your hands automatically know what to do and you no longer have to think or even look.

Such fluidity is essential to convey dominance as fumbling convinces nobody. Only when tying becomes instinctive do you cease to be 'knot focused', i.e. focusing all your attention on the tying, thus not focused on your partner.

Try tying blind-folded. It's not half as hard as you think!

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